F-coffee, a coffee shop in Dong Hoi, Vietnam, is a great example of how modern minimalist architecture can create a lasting impression using simple designs. Designed by LVHQ, this coffee shop uses basic materials and visuals to create a stunning visual.

The components are simple: brick, concrete, stone, trees, and water all make up the base of the coffee shop. The space can be divided into three interacting areas: the first, a reflecting pool with trees, creates a peaceful visual with natural surroundings. The trees rise out of the reflecting pool and create a seamless visual that is neatly mirrored in the surface of the pool.

The second of these spaces is a corridor leading into the building interior. This creates a middle ground, to gradually transition between the peaceful outside and inside. 24 brick archways surround the building, creating a natural division, which separates the components of the building in an attractive way. At night, the arches can be viewed lighted from beneath, with the mirror image clearly reflected in the pool below.

This coffee shop is a tranquil spot, showing the maximum impression that minimalist design can create.

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