Located in a dense forest in the village of North Hatley in Quebec, Canada, Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architectshave designed a modern take on the architecture of homes in the area as well as the wooded landscape of the property.

The exterior of the KL House is inspired by East Coast homes by the ocean, shingled in natural cedar siding and featuring a tin roof. This look is a common architectural style in many North Hatley residences.

The natural, weathered look mimics the colors of the forest, and the architects chose cedar for its warm tones to soften the look of this home’s strong silhouette.

The architects were also inspired by the forested surrounds of the property, including a nearby stream, dense foliage and frequent visits from woodland animals. The entire length of the first floor includes floor-to-ceiling windows that provide views far into the forest.

The open-concept ground floor is centered around a modern, all-white kitchen with a large slab island. On one side of the kitchen is a simple wood dining set, and on the other is the living room.

A flat black fireplace and built-in open shelves create a comfortable entertaining space that contrasts the kitchen area without walls. Light wood floors run the length of the entire space, providing a warm, natural base.

Heading upstairs, two standout features of this home are the cedar planked ceiling and industrial pendant lighting installation, which also add warmth to the minimalistic space.

This display of cedar can also be found along a wall in the master bathroom. A stand-alone rectangular bathtub is an eye-catching element, along with a stone-tiled glass shower. What do you like best about this contemporary Quebec home? [Photography by Adrien Williams]

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